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Who Is Codiscan

Codiscan Studios

Who is Codiscan?

Codiscan Studios is a cutting edge mobile technology firm that helps companies transform into the new age of global competition. Founded in 2010 ,the Miami-Based Codiscan Studios has developed mobile technology solutions within the following industries: financial services, retail, restaurants, travel & leisure, protection, and the arts.


The company predominantly focuses on its innovative patent pending technology for mobile loyalty, rewards and membership providing clients with live mobile insights and data to help them develop best-in-class global strategies.


Why Codiscan ?

Cause we are relentless masters of innovation.  Is’nt that enough?  If not, let us say we work by the numbers for numbers.  We don’t trick you with creative, we use creativity to support solid business strategies from analysis.  Want creativity? Call a reputable marketing agency, if you want to meet your goals. call Codiscan Studios.