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How It Works

Your Private Labeled Native Mobile App

Having your Branded Mobile App on the Apple App Store or Android Play Store has never been so fast, so easy or so customizable..not to mention affordable.


How Codiscan Works for you –

Within 72 Hours you can have your brand on Apple's App Store or Android's Play Store and focus on promoting YOUR BRAND not Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and the others who have your competitors waiting for you to send your best customers into the wolve's den.

Your customers will be able to download YOUR App and recieve to the minute updates on offers for prodcuct and/or services, which you can publish directly from your iPhone or Android phone using your secure access code.  Stop paying email service providers like Constant Contact that cost hundreds each month and require design and attention.  The Codiscan simple load system makes generating an offer a few secods of typing.

Publish an offer and track your customers. Yes, capture data about your customers and how often they visit you and grab your offers and coupons all in a simple to expport excel spread sheet.

Reward your customers for visiting your location by offering them points for doing so.  You get to see when they enter the store.  Reward them with offers or special offers against those valuable points [you create the value of the points in a simple to use dashboard], and even send one individual customer a special voucher loaded on his mobile app.  Yes, he or she will get an alert to notify them they have a special voucher.  The Codiscan Mobile App system offers automatic one-time use and deletion of vouchers.