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Now you can promote your own brand on the Apple App Store and Andorid Play Store while driving traffic to your location or website and buidling loyalty among your best customers.  You choose the points and rewards and publish as you please.

Follow these five steps:

Step I – Setup your account. Choose your program and have your Brand icon on your own App on Apple or Android Stores.  Want on our agents to setup for you? We can do, just choose your plan and email us and we will get you started.

Step II – Design your Offers for your products and/ or services. This will drive traffic to your location or website and will be visible to all of your customers.

Step III – Create a brand loyalty offer to your customers based on points. This is a speciall offer for your loyal customers, those who visit your store, purchase or buy.

Step IV – Allow your customers to download your branded app from Apple/ Android market place. Now your brand is there and you can stop promoting just on Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare and promote yourself. Now Sure how to promote yourself ? We can help you with this…

Step V – Communicate daily, weekly or monthly with your customers. You can save the money you spend on 3rd Party softwares to contact your contacts by communicating via your own NEW APP. Alerting your customers through the App allows you to update it daily with our non-intrusive updates.